Turning capability for parts with a maximum diameter of D800mm and lengths of up to L = 2500mm.

We have in-house turning capabilities on different sizes of lathes.


Maximum part processing dimensions 850 x 1000 x 2000mm.

We have in-house manual and CNC milling capabilities.


Wire welding, TIG welding, Aluminum welding.

In addition to ferrous metal certificates, we have a food industry welding certificate ISO9606-1 141P

Keyway broaching

Maximum length up to 300mm

We can broach keyways with a maximum lenght up to 300mm. Width is not limited.

Manufacture of industrial white metal bearings

Babite foundry works

The plain bearing housings are made of thick steel. On top of  the steel housing anti-friction material is casted. As an antifriction material, we use Babite alloy. The working surface of the bearing is machined to the corresponding shaft size.

Mechanical design services CAD

If you need a drawing of a spare part, feel free to contact us.

Our team includes experienced mechanical, electrical and automation engineers.

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