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Scissor lift

The special-purpose conveyor allows the transport of heavy tires weighing up to 1500 kg and with a maximum diameter of up to 2350 mm. The device can move the tires in all three directions in the room. A scissor lift driven by hydraulic cylinders is used to move it up and down. In the main direction (back and forth), the tires are moved by a roller conveyor driven by an AC gear motor. The tires are moved perpendicular to the main direction by a chain conveyor, which is lifted by pneumatic cylinders for the moment of the operation.

Manipulator for visual inspection of products

The device is used to manipulate heavy tires during their inspection. The control table allows the manipulation of tires weighing up to 1500 kg and with a diameter of 2450 mm. The tire can be moved back and forth, up and down, tilted and rotated about its axle. The tire is moved up and down by a scissor mechanism and a hydraulic drive. AC motors are used for the remaining movements. Various pneumatic switching mechanisms are also used to achieve the functionality of the mechanism.


The intercooler is a special device for cooling heavy tires after exiting the tire press. Compressed air is directed to the cooled tire to prevent defects in the product. The device is part of a fully automatic storage system. The machine consists of a main frame, a conveyor and a compressed air system. The device is capable of cooling tires with a maximum diameter of 2100 mm and a mass not exceeding 1200 kg. The device weighs 12.5 tons, is 4.3 m high, 3 m long and 3.4 m wide.

Chain hoist

Chain hoist for unloading tire accessories from stock. Lifting Chain drive, AC motor and linear guides are used as elements.

Product inspection line

Heavy tire storage and delivery conveyors, control boards and aftercoolers. There are a total of 15 conveyors in the area, two of which allow the tire to be moved in three different directions (longitudinal, transverse, up and down), five in two directions (longitudinal, transverse) and eight in one direction. Two of the 15 conveyors are bridge conveyors.

Belt conveyors

The belt conveyors are used to feed the tires and wheels to the assembly machine. There are eight belt conveyors driven by AC gear motors in the area. The conveyors use special NOVO belts with soft cover to prevent damage to the rims. Devices based on modern technology are designed to be user- and maintenance-friendly. At the rim entry point, operators install bar codes on the rims, which are read by a DATALOGIC scanner. The area is routed through a Siemens industrial controller, WINCC and HMI panel.

Tire lifting robot

The robotics area is designed to work with a tire and wheel assembly machine. From the assembly machine, the tires are fed to a gravity conveyor. The robot places the assembled wheels on the bases, using machine vision to identify the base in the work area. The area is limited by security gardens and two work areas with doors. This ensures safety and greater work efficiency. The area uses a Fanuci robot with a specially designed pneumatic gripper. The robot is able to select a suitable work schedule according to the height of the tire discharged from the assembly machine, using both communication with the assembly machine and laser height sensors.

Lifting grip for the rim former

The former gripper is used to lift the tire bead formers. The device allows you to capture forming segments of different diameters. An ergonomic pneumatic hoist is used for lifting, which assists the operator in lifting (the weight to be lifted is compensated at the time of lifting). The gripper is moved pneumatically. As the segments are lifted out of the operator’s range, a pneumatic auxiliary movement is used to increase the range. This device uses pneumatic control and control logic.

Revolver numberer

It is a device for marking a tire belt, which allows servo motors and a pneumatic actuator to be used to automatically change the product serial number according to a prescription.


Two-movement conveyor (belt conveyor + linear movement) used to cool heavy tires and transfer them to an automated conveyor robot (AGV). The conveyor is located in a narrow part of the factory, and the part of the conveyor is moved back and forth with a linear motor to achieve maximum efficiency in the room. The belt conveyor is driven by a servomotor.


The purpose of the machine is to transport the heavy tire from the tire press to the AGV conveyor. What makes the device special is the fact that the tire must be delivered from the area between the two press lines, where a traditional conveyor would not fit to transport this tire size. Therefore, the machine wagon must move in different directions. Therefore, the machine wagon must be able to move in different directions. The movements performed are linear movement along the rails of the implement, rotation of the wagon about its own axis, linear movement of the wagon rotated about a suitable axis (to avoid collisions), rotation of the wagon basket about its own axis (movement on two mutually perpendicular axes at the same time to move the tire out of the wagon basket and out of the basket. The actuator for all movements is servomotors. Axes are moved on linear guides with ball screws.

Tape slitting machine

The machine is used to cut the wide and thin tapes needed to make a tire. A rotary knife is used to cut the tape. The special feature of the device is that the entire cutting structure can be rotated at a suitable angle to the direction of movement of the conveyor. The structure is moved on linear guides with variable radius. The conveyor is driven by an AC motor. The cutting tool is driven by a servomotor.

Tyre press tool

The press stool is used to take samples of freshly extruded and cooled green tire. The device is installed on an existing industrial line on a conveyor. Thus, press tool must be able to pick up the rubber band autonomously and pass it through the device. For this purpose, a double conveyor belt system is used to suck the rubber belt into the machine. A pneumatic press tool is used for sampling. The sample taken is automatically transported to the test center by a small conveyor. To ensure quality, the sample must be taken from the same area of the tape both before and after the rubber tape has cooled. The pre-punched opening is detected by machine vision.

Tearing device

This device is used to pull the raw rubber strips off the base and feed them to the tire assembly machine. Intralox modular conveyor belt and SEW AC motors are used for this purpose. The device is moved manually from side to side. The device is equipped with sensors and functions necessary for autonomous operation.

Warehouse robot

This robot serves a warehouse for raw tires, where the weight of the blanks reaches 300 kg. With the robot, it is possible to move the tire blank along the warehouse, perpendicular to the longitudinal axis to the shelf and up and down between different positions. The blank is gripped from the inside with a gripper, which allows the blank to be stretched to place the shelf in the correct shape.

For special needs, custom tools are needed!

Tailormade lifting equipment for large variety of jobs.

Chopping device

Special purpose bandsaw for chopping up tires. Used in R’n’D.